Remember Remember the Fifth of November.

[a little bit early]

We supported our local Rotary Club last night by toddling down to FlatHickTown Community College and ooohing and aaahing at the fireworks.

Except there was no ooohing and aaahing because nobody seems to oooh and aaah in FlatHickTown.  When I was little I liked the ooohing and aaahing – I enjoyed the way that everybody knew that everybody else was going to oooh and not aaah, and then aaah and not oooh.  But things are all electrified now and there just doesn’t seem to be the time for ooohing and aaahing

And crikey! When I was a nipper you could stand so close to the bonfire that it scorched your face.  These days health and safety dictates that one must stand at least three miles away [or so it seems] from a bonfire.


And it wasn’t even cold!  Bonfire Night is the start of winter, when everybody wraps up in scarves and woolly hats and annoying mittens.  Somebody forgot to tell God to turn the heating down this year.

But despite all the above, and the lack of soup [Bonfire Night without scalding hot, and very cheap, tomato soup?!], and the extortionate price we had to pay to traipse across a school field and view some lights in the sky whilst having our hearing impaired for all eternity, it was a remarkably Good Time.  Guy was burned, unfortunately, and toddlers screamed whilst teenagers grumbled and the smell of fried onions wafted into our noses. 

I even video’d a bit of the Grand Finale so that you could all share in the joy that is the celebration of the non-destruction of parliament.  It’s not particularly impressive.


please God bless Guy xxx Elsabeth

[This post was brought to you in association with the Society for the Appreciation of Ooohing and Aaahing]



  1. I’m an ooh-er and an aah-er (that looks wrong written like that!)… and you’re right; when did bonfire night seem so mild? (grumble, bloody global warming, grumble)

  2. I’ve never paid to see a bonfire display. I just stand outside the park (or wherever the tickets are being sold) and look up at the sky and watch the fireworks for free. Yeah, I know, how cheap am I? LOL!

  3. Hmmm it was freezing up here last night, Baltic. We didn’t ooooh and ahhh either but that was mainly due to incompetence of the firework setter offer, my cousin. It was dangerous so we just swore and ducked lots.

  4. Ooh, and Aah ! I like fireworks, but have had to make do with sparklers in the garden this year.
    Only remembered yesterday that I’ve missed your one year wedding anniversary. Belated congratulations.
    L xx

  5. no soup, no cold, why did you even go?  jk  we’ve been doing a big community fireworks deal here the last few years and it is really a good time.  I think the best fireworks I have ever been to was in brooklyn ny.  they lit off all the fireworks from the brooklyn bridge, so it was all reflected off of the water.  way cool.  take it easy.  dave out

  6. *random e-props* I’m sorry that your time celebrating Guy Fawkes day wasn’t up to the celebratory standards of the past. Now I want some soup… Hope you have a wonderful week. :)

  7. Well at least you were toasty, even though your face felt nearly scorched off.Well, she and I ran into one another and she made it obvious she was checking me out.I am at the confused stage because I’m such a prude that I can’t even utter the word “lesbian” let alone out myself as a bisexual in my work lobby to chat her up.and I want to kick myself for it because if she was a man, I wouldn’t be so shy and would go for it.But it’s the social stigma still of coworkers noticing.

  8. RYC: No, it’s not Spooks related so you’re okay, I haven’t given away any secrets! Actually, I was listening to FiveLive and they were having a very heated debate about it. A former American agent was one of the people interviewed and he bought up the ‘Ticking Bomb’ scenario of using torture as a last resort if needed. Cue lots of complaining from various members of the panel who were a bit put out by the fact that their way of doing things would result in the deaths of thousands. It’s a difficult question to answer because I think torture is an abominable stain on the character of any nation that uses it but are my principles worth the lives of thousands of people? The answer is obviously no. Difficult, very difficult.

  9. It does seem that a lot of the apprecaition for spectacle has gone out of us, replaced by the urge to see all manner and form of carnage and personal discomfort. Blah.

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