Benwythnos i mewn Cymru, ag darluniau.

I learnt something this weekend.  I learnt to count to ten in Welsh. 

[un, dau, tri, pedwar, pump, chwech, saith, wyth, naw, deg]

The nephews taught myself and Mumsy whilst we were being diverted through the poorer areas of Cardiff.  They also taught us other words, but I have a memory which is absolutely no good at retaining [irrelevant] information.  We stayed in their little Welsh cottage, in the teeny Welsh village with the teeny Welsh church, where everybody and his dog actually comes from England. 

We scrambled down rocks at Southerndown [where they’ve filmed some of Doctor Who] and ran along the beach with the February breeze freezing our ears. 


We visited Roald Dahl Plass in Cardiff Bay but were disappointed to find no ‘invisible lift’ and no run-down Tourist Information Centre. 


There wasn’t even a dodgy looking camp chap walking briskly along with a gaggle of sexy people behind him, hanging onto his every word.  I insisted that Wills stand by the fountain thingy in the hope that – just maybe – he might accidentally trigger the ‘invisible lift’ but it didn’t work. 



Ads made me look at the dinosaurs in the museum. 


Frighteningly good fun that was [no really, there was a distinct lack of sarcasm there], especially when he pretended to be one on the way back to the car. 


And Tobes delighted us with his piano playing.


It was a nice weekend.  I don’t see The Eldest Brother & Co. very often, and when I do there are usually lots of other people around, so this weekend was lovely in strengthening the bond I have with my nephews.  It’s a shame that they live nearly five hours drive away, in a land where the language is odd. 


Mumsy nearly killed me on a roundabout on the way home.  Thanks mum. 

I think The Blokey missed me [awww, he’d vacuumed].  I’m not sure about Tabatha-Cat though … she seemed fairly unperturbed when she saw me after my long weekend away, and wanted food more than she wanted cuddles. 


Now I have a few days off and I shall spend them productively, making changes to websites and plodding through family tree stuff … and kipping lots.

please God bless my gorgeous little nephews xxx Elsabeth

[Oh, and we saw Cloverfield last week – if I had to sum it up in one word I would say … wowsers!]



  1. RYN: I’d love to, but… my passport isn’t up to date so by the time I got there, it would be autumn… (but I really should update it – just in case! You never know when it could come in handy! Besides, we need it now if we want to visit Canada or Mexico, etc where we didn’t before!)

  2. I haven’t been to Wales for years – it’s not as though it’s that far away from where I live. The Welsh are great, they have one of my favourite accents. Am I right in thinking that Southerndown is where the Doctor and Rose say their final goodbye? It looks very familiar. It occurs to me that they’re still in the process of filming Doctor Who I wonder how far away you were from the studio as you were driving around Cardiff.  I really wanna see Cloverfield – it’s stylistically similar (filming wise) to The Blair Witch Project I understand? All cam-corder stuff and dodgy camera angles?

  3. Squeee!!! I recognize both the beach and the Torchwood headquarters! Speaking of Torchwood…YAAAAY Ianto kissed Jack! Finally! Woohoo!I generally pride myself on being able to tell where in England someone is from just by their accent. Usually if I have trouble and can’t tell it means they’re from Wales and not England at all.

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