A budget is just a method of worrying before you spend money, as well as afterward.

Sometimes I actually open – and look at – my bank statements when the PostLady pops them through the letterbox. 

And I always get a shock, in the nicest possible way. 

I’m astounded by how much money I have in the bank.  It’s truly shocking.  If you chose to walk a day in our shoes, you’d think that myself and The Blokey must surely be living beyond our means. 

The Blokey often has a chuckle at my expense because I am so willing to buy whatever it is that’s being thrust into my face [whether on an advert, a poster or in a shop window].  To make matters worse, I’m the sort of person who buys something new and then forgets about it.  I have oodles of clothes with their labels still attached, for example.  My living room is full of odd little ornaments that I Must Have!  I think nothing of buying a magazine which will never be fully read, nor treating myself to make-up which will never be worn.  I love buying things for other people, and will often come home with some useless item for The Blokey [who tends to do the same for me, except his items usually have a more useful function and don’t get thrown into the spare room or tossed in a cupboard]. 

And to think – I hate shopping.

The Blokey made a fair few bob on eBay last year.  It wasn’t a fortune by any means, but it would have been a significant chunk of money towards a new bathroom.   However, this poundage of his has shown him up to be a bigger I Must Have! than I am.  With the money he has been able to treat us to an expensive 40″ Samsung LCD tellybox, an amateur-professional digital camera [we already own three digital cameras!] plus two other lenses, and a Playstation 3 [if Blu-ray is the next advancement, we may as well go the whole hog and have a Blu-ray player which also plays games, hey?].

It’s nice, having money to spend.  Both of us were brought up in worlds where money was limited and tight, but now The Blokey earns a good wage.  Even my wage isn’t too bad, considering my job title.  But sometimes I really do wonder how we manage to spend so much and yet have so much spare cash.  I am fully aware that it won’t last, especially when we get round to having children and I give up work [please Blokey, please?], but whilst the money is there it’s nice to spend.  Amazingly we even have savings.  Yep, if anything goes wrong and the insurance won’t cover it, we have the means to pay for it ourselves. 

There are occasions when I just don’t get it and I really believe that despite having money in our accounts, and in savings, and never spending more in a month than we earn, neither of us is that good with money.  It’s odd.

I don’t think this post is going anywhere because my head is games consoled out.  Bah. 

please god bless all our new toys xxx Elsabeth


  1. How does amateur-professional differ from professional-amateur? Is it similar to the subtle difference of fast-medium and medium-fast bowlers in cricket?I am always astounded at how little money I have, given that I hardly spend anything and earn ok, get paid) a shamefully large salary

  2. money is nice. and yes money can buy happiness. especially for me. if someone gave me a buncha cash to get whatever new electronic whirring gadget i’d be damn happy!

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