I’m dreaming of a white … Easter

Whose bloody idea was it to stay in the caravan this weekend?!  It was truly cold … *shivers*

And a tad blustery, with tad meaning very

But we didn’t blow away, although we nearly did at Cité Europe. And cigarette prices have gone up in Belgium, which made the MiL grumble in a way that only northern lasses can.  The Blokey and myself loaded our trolley with [real] French cheeses, cheap[er] Vodka and Tequila, and yummy-scrummy croque monsieurs, which will form the basis of tea tonight. 

Later that evening, safely huddled in a rocking caravan whilst the wind howled outside, we met BiLs girlfriend.  And it wasn’t so bad.  She was quite nice actually, and not scary in the slightest.  At the pub I gained confidence with the help of Mr Vodka, and we ate nice food which filled our respective bellies. 

And then I saw this chap.  Oooh, I sighed. 

Once upon a time I used to go out with Ginger Nuts.  He was the one who cheated on me after two years.  Tsk.  I last saw him in Sunderland back in 1997[ish].  I know he still lives up there [sites such as friendsreunited.co.uk are quite useful tools in moments of pure boredom].  Sunderland is way up north, roughly 350 miles from the pub on the roundabout near the village where the caravan sleeps, which is way down south.  It’s the last place I’d expect to see someone I once knew intimately, a long time ago, even though there’s a popular hotel on this roundabout and it’s just a mile or so from where the ferries depart on trips to France. 

It was rather surreal, and although there’s a little niggly part of me saying, oh it wasn’t him Elizabeth, don’t be silly, there’s a bigger part of me that knows it was him. 


This morning I made The Blokey take me to the seaside.  My ulterior motive wasn’t to get out of cleaning and tidying the caravan, it just worked out that way.  I felt a little guilty that BiL and His Woman did it instead but made myself feel less guilty by remembering everything we’ve done for my MiL since FiL passed away. 

Of course, it was snowing.  And it was freezing cold. 



Still, at least I actually got to see snow this year, even if it didn’t settle and I couldn’t play in it.  Wet mush is a better description, really.

It’s nice to be home now, all cosy and snug. Now I just need some help getting through all those Easter Eggs …

*contented sigh*

please God bless my pussy and make her happy to see me tomorrow xxx Elsabeth


  1. Wow, pussy means something entirely different where I come from… LOLI’m glad you had a Happy Easter though, despite the cold.

  2. Why oh why do fishermen (fisherpeople?) insist on standing out there in such weather? If I were a fish I’d be deep at the bottom of the water, huddled under the water leaves and too bloody cold to even catch a wriggly worm on a hook.If only the snow had settled – melting by 11am was a bit disappointing.Glad that the BiL’s g/f meeting went smoothly; I told you Vodka would assist!!

  3. Luckily you just saw him and didn’t have to chat.  That SUCKS like crazy.  It’s weird isn’t it, how the strings are still there?  Now, where the heck is the caravan picture?  I knew you could do it with the girlio.  Beautiful pictures.  I would love to see some snow right about now.  It has been in the high 70’s which is really as hot as it ever needs to be for me.  I could do swimming and nudity if called for in those temperatures.  Sadly, add 30 and that’s a typical summer.  Not ready for that yet.  Been scrounging for short sleeved clothes for the girls and I so we don’t melt into puddles.  The poor crackely vegetation would appreciate the water in our bodies, though!  Anyway, how’d you like that TX weather reportage?  :)  Blessings, my fabulously secure and wonderful friend!  I’m proud of you. :)  M

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