In England’s green and pleasant land.

Once a year we celebrate St George’s Day.  It’s like St Patrick’s Day, only for English folk, and minus the green beer. And the Irishness.  And the national holiday.  Of course, I say celebrate but beware the English flag and the PC Brigade.  Damn them.

Thank you England, for all things English.  For Harry Potter and David Beckham,  bowler hats and afternoon tea, fish & chips and crumpets, William Shakespeare and EastEnders, Big Ben and the Angel of the North, the Beatles and David Bowie, summer rain and winter sun …


[this could be better, but it isn’t]

please God bless George and his merry band of dragons xxx Elsabeth


  1. Yay for the English and for English things! I’m very interested in English culture…  red phone boxes, bobbies with their cool domed hats, good old Willie Shakespeare… I’m always willing to learn more. There’s a reason I felt so at home when I was in England – it’s awesome…

  2. ryc: all guys look forward to serious toilet time … hence the need for a good book … :)
    and happy holiday! i like the UK. i’ve been going there back and forth throughout my life – since i was 4, then 8, then 23, then 31 … the years are few and far in between but i cherish the times. i recall jackanory and playschool with fondness. and tiswas. i was a support of aston villa.

  3. If you can’t get a national holiday on April 23rd for a man that gave up his life and freedom because he followed his conscience, do you think you could get one for a slight off-beat semi-slacker that has suceeded in having a relatively lived-in life. LOL. Not sure about being St. Matthew patron saint of the good-natured malcontents. Would I have to wear underpants? (Ok obvious movie reference) Or perhaps you could gt one for Will The Pimp, err Mr. Shakespeare.

  4. ryc: yeah i lived there from about 4 until around 10. early impressions lasts the longest i guess. you know what? i still remember the first day i got there. i remember going to the shop at the corner with my sister and we bought sweets with faces.

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