,uıʌol ɹǝɯɯns

It’s that time of year again.  Academia can fall to the wayside and the children can take to the [wet and windy] streets, laughing gaily as they splash about in summer puddles.  Huzzah.

I will do all those odd little things that need doing.  I shall paint the bedroom, find someone to put up a new back-gate and play on Guitar Hero till my fingers drop off through sheer exhaustion.  I might even put some shelves up, wonkily. 

I shall take my Mumsy to visit her ancestors in tiny village churchyards, and travel under the sea to buy cigarettes and alcohol (and cheese!).  Later we will pile into the car for a trip to a land where everybody talks funny [Wales] and we shall bop up and down to the tunes of REM, after tiring out the nephews, who will try to tire us out with Buzz!

I will take oodles of crap to charity shops and drool whenever I spy Rex [BBUK9] on the tellybox.  If I’m very clever I’ll think of something to stop the cat s.hitting in her own back garden (on the lawn, no less.)  Tsk.  I will spend copious amounts of time playing with my brand new digital camera.  It’s an ickle one so that I can carry it with me everywhere and take random pictures of random stuff.  It saves carrying the Canon SLR and its lenses everywhere, and thus saves on worrying about loss or theft or dropping it into water.   Phew.

I will not get addicted to the Jeremy Kyle show, for he is a tosser.   

And then the summer will be over, and September will plonk her big hairy arse down and insist I go back to work.  Yay!  Work!  Remember the issues with redundancy?  I still have a job. 

Hu. Rah.

I’ll only be working a four-day week from September, but this is good.  It means that my good friend Dotty still has money coming in, and I’m a lazy bitch anyway so a day off [Wednesday] suits me very very muchly.  Still, I don’t mind if September takes a long time to actually get here …

ɥʇǝqɐslǝ xxx ʎlɥɔnɯ ɐʇ ‘ƃuıʇıɹʍ uʍop ǝpısdn ʎɯ ssǝlq poƃ ǝsɐǝld


  1. Believe me, my response was lots of teeth-knashing and fist shaking. Sigh. I’ve had the misfortune of litter picking before, at the V-Festival during the summer holidays while I was university. I’ve no great desire to go back to it. At the very least, it’s going to put the people who actually litter pick for a job out of work with hundreds of thousands of people suddenly being expected to do it. I’m totally agahst and dare I say it, even a little bit frightened. The prospect of being forced to work with a bunch of people who are going to be irate, pissed off and more aggressive than they normally are (and if you ever go to a Jobcentre or training provider and stand around for long enough you’ll see what I mean) it frankly scares me to death. Of course, it hasn’t been made official yet (or has it?) and there are nuances that need to be worked out. Can they call it community service? I don’t think so without implying the unemployed are criminals (and it wouldn’t take long for the connotation to form in Joe Public’s mind). Compulsory Voluntary Work is somewhat of an oxymoron. And then there’s the whole method of payment. If an unemployed person goes on a training scheme with a provider, they get more money because they’re expected to do extra hours. With this new scheme, people are expected to work 40hrs a week for £60. Apparently the minimum wage will apply to everyone except the government and the people it’s forcing into work. Tsk. Oh my, I’m babbling, Sorry about that!Enjoy your summer hols! :D

  2. Hey woman!  I was just thinking earlier that there is only so much water play and outdoor play I can invent to keep the munchkin daughters from maiming or killing one another but I do don’t really want summer to end because then the big one GOES TO SCHOOL.  ARRRGGG  how is that even possible?  :) M

  3. Yeah!! Summer holidays and you still have your job!!!  This is wonderful news as I was a bit worried for you. And ya know–you’re right—my site has been a bit doom and gloom over the last week or so….tis the time of year for me—I brood, I worry, I dredge up old memories, but the sun is shining and all is well.Enjoy your time off—and I love REM too!!Dessa

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