One night last week I came home from work and told The Blokey that I had definitely, unreservedly and absolutely decided to visit the GP on my next day off work. 

Today, being a Wednesday, was my next day off work. 

I didn’t go to see my GP. 

I didn’t go to see her because I feel fine and dandy.  The Blokey is mildly annoyed with me.  But he knows me well, and he knows that me saying I’m fine and dandy is just an excuse.  Even I know it’s just an excuse.  But I really do feel fine and dandy!  Anyways, she’ll only say something annoying, something along the lines of, You’re too short for your weight! or You should wrap up more warmly!

Last week I didn’t feel fine and dandy.  Last week I struggled with Gym on the one night we did go, and curled up in bed instead of going to see Gym on the other night we usually go.  The cinema didn’t interest me, but surprisingly the website I’m working on [for work] did.  My energy levels plummeted.  My lower legs ached painfully whilst walking.  A patch on my right foot was burning [I call it my wee-wee sensation – I am not odd], and the pads of my right thumb and right index finger went numb [in the sense that it’s like feeling something through some sort of tough material.]  I suffered from intermittent pins and needles. I had odd aches in my hands and feet. My speech was vaguely slurred, I was forgetting words and my concentration levels were lower than usual.  I was irked by the fatigue I felt. 

But today I feel fine and dandy! 

These are all symptoms that come and go with surprising regularity.  They’ve all become such a part of my life that I really don’t notice them anymore and see them as being normal, as being me.  Last week they obviously decided to partake of a par-tay and were sociable instead of popping by to say hi individually.  The buggers.

Being the Princess of Google [not the Queen – there are folk who are far better are Googling than I am] I did searches on my symptoms.  I really shouldn’t do that.  I now know that I have This, That or the Other.  I’m screwed basically. 


But I really should go and see my GP.  I know.  Maybe next week …

please God bless my symptoms xxx Elsabeth


  1. I love the way I read your my life in your blog. I (probably) need to see my GP – but I know what he’ll say. And I know what the Consultant will say – and I know what the outcome will be. But really, I know I should …L xx

  2. i have issues with the word ‘dandy’. i imagine you being tall and bean’ish wearing stripey red and white pantaloons. and smiling in a manic fashion. but dats just me i guess. hey, go see the doctor!

  3. I am also a sufferer of having the same smallish symptoms so much that it’s odd when I don’t have them. And I also google them frequently. And probably shouldn’t. Hope you’re feeling better now.

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