An Open Letter

Dear Darling Folk of the USA,

Is it nearly over yet?  Have you almost decided the fate of the rest of the world? 

Oooh, did I tell you?  We once had a young photogenic orator running for President Prime Minister.  That turned out well.  Perhaps you’ll have better luck with yours, if he wins. 

Best of British, eh?  Let’s hope the Best Right Man finds himself successful, for our sake as well as yours.

Lots of love,

Me, in Little Olde England x

A genuinely curious PS: Do you think all the money that was spent on the Presidential Campaign could have been put to better use, perhaps on – oh, I don’t know – something important … ?

[disclaimer: this post endorses no particular candidate; i couldn’t give a flying f.uck who wins, but i am exceedingly happy that the 10 o’clock news is not going to be full of what’s going on in a country thousands of miles away and is quite trivial in comparison to other world events for the next three and a half years … ]


  1. I definately think the money could have been to better use.  It really bothers me that we are supposed to live in a time and place where “anyone” can be president yet I can’t think of a single president we have ever had that wasn’t extremely wealthy, white, male, and christian.  We will find out tonight if “anyone” really means anyone who is extremely wealthy (McCain is a trust fund baby), white, and christian or if it means ANYONE.  I can’t blame you one little bit for being completely fed up with the overinflated ego and stupidly self important antics of us.  I am fed up to and would love to hear actual “world news” during our world news broadcasts.

  2. You think YOUR fed up? We get to vote for the lesser of two weasels every four years. (I like ferrets and have nothing personal against the muskadae family) Then we get to watch for the next four years what new ways Tweedle dee or Tweedle dumb can come up with to take our freedoms or our jobs or our money (taxes) or our lives in another greedy fucking war.  I don’t trust  either McPain or Oblama. No politician who get that much campain funding (both of them)from transnational corporations can be trusted. I voted my conscience. I voted for Cynthia McKinney;  No matter which corporate sponsored scumbag  wins I can at least feel I did the right thing.

  3. Yes, we, as a nation, are terribly self-absorbed. Sorry—the hype for who’s running for POTUS will be over now for at least a little bit.As far as the money goes, yes, I can see your and others’ points about spending and I will concede that there should be limits and such, but we elected a President and that right is priceless to me.

  4. Yes it is over. And I can only hope that there will be change and it will help get us out of this mess we’ve been in for the past eight years. Especially the mess the economy is right now. ugh… The economy thing is particularly striking a little too close to home right now what with my company laying off a ton of people today! Not me (thank goodness). But, still very disturbing…

  5. If Obama’s the US Tony Blair, does that mean that he’ll be out after 4 years (for good behaviour), and a half-dead man will take his place.  That’ll be McCain (oven chips) by that time (not that he’ll ever defect to the democrats, but you never know)

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