The Christmassy Xlog

I adore Christmas.  I love the sparkles and the silly songs and the cheesiness of the occasion.  It’s my most favourite time of year.  I can forgive anyone anything at Christmas … yes, even you PC Do-Gooder folk who like to be seen to be ethically correct.

It usually takes me a while to get into the Christmas spirit though, and this year was no exception.  Although we went shopping last Wednesday (a perfect day, not least because shopping on a Wednesday before schools finish for the holidays is oh, so quiet) and are now [nearly] sorted with regards presents, I had no real Oompf! when it came to the whole Yay! thing. 

Then I woke up early this morning and wrapped fourteen presents before half past nine. 

Go me!

We put our decorations and tree up this afternoon whilst listening to Cheesy (Christmas) Songs on some Cheesy Songs channel on the tellybox.  I was – naturally – delighted when East 17 started singing about wanting me to Stay Another Day.  I joined in very heartily, remembering most of the words – this was despite the urge to laugh uncontrollably at the chavviness of the video.  Nice. 

I’m slightly perturbed by the tree though.  Every year I buy three or four new decorations (this year I picked up some non-sparkly ones in France) and yet every year there appear to be no more decorations on the damn thing than there were the year before.  I blame the Christmas Pixies, who must surely be stealing them for people less fortunate. 

Pictures?  Why not. 




Yes, myself and Orton have been playing. 

We went to Woolworths on Thursday night, hoping to grab some bargains in the (up to) 50% off We’re Closing-Down sale.  After that experience I have decided that it’s only fair that the company ceases trading; there were no bloody bargains.  Woolworths was only ever good for its cheap cafés and its old-fashioned photo-booths, which were perfect for wasting an afternoon at when we should have been in school, learning things.  The orange curtain always suited me more than the blue one.  I therefore feel no emotion at the (apparent) loss of such an old institution which has graced our High Streets for far too long.  I make no apologies for this, despite it appearing that I’m possibly the only person in the whole of the British Isles who really couldn’t care less. 

And now, ’tis time for tea. 

please God bless my last week at work this year xxx Elsabeth


  1. The last time we had a Woolworths around here (Knoxville,TN) was probably 15 years ago. There was one in Oak Ridge too that went away about the same time. That was the only place in the area that could make fountain type drinks and desserts while you waited at the counter. Now I must acquire a root beer float. 

  2. Nope, there are two of us in the Yoo-Kay who couldn’t give a toss about Woolworths.  It’s outgrown the high street around it; which is exactly why it’s in the sorry state it is.  I’ll be sad to see the pick ‘n mix go, as that in itself was an institution…I’m much like you; I like Christmas yet I didn’t feel Christmassy (how does that feel anyway?)… until I finished my Christmas shopping this morning (and bought S a rather expensive gift which I know will make her go “Squeeee!” on Boxing day morning when she opens it).  Now I’m feeling more festive.At a guess I think it’s not only the shopping, but the fact that there’s less than 10 days to go… whee!I love your purple bauble… (should I be saying that in public?)

  3. I love the photos, they are beautiful!!  I never knew that Woolworths was in the UK, I always thought it was a US thing, they’ve long since retired from the states, but I remember going there as a small tot enjoying the soda fountain and the ride up the ancient escalator, how fun!!  

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