Christmas with Katie

I always think that Christmas is a very sneaky time of year.  There’s oodles of preparation for it; the shops are full of mince pies in September, the radio stations start playing festive songs as soon as Hallowe’en is over and people start asking you what your plans are before the month of November has reached its last day.

And then … poof! … it’s over.  Where did the month of December go?

Father Christmas loved me (again) this year.  He left me copious amounts of presents to unwrap.  These included such lovely things as Little Big Planet for the PS3 (WooHoo!), a Sigma 70-300mm lens for my DSLR, Dogma on Blu-ray, Police Squad! on DVD, some Chanel No. 5, clothes, a slow cooker cook book, a couple of photo frames and a couple of decorative perfume bottles. 

Gosh, I love Christmas! 

We entertained Mumsy and The Baby Brother, who arrived on Christmas Eve.  Having bought the last copy of Buzz! (special edition) from a local shop, it was only right that we play it.  And play it we did.  We even played against Erroll online.  If you ever play against Erroll online be sure not to pick anything scientific or technological or food related.  S/he is very very very good at those topics.  Obviously we still won.  I don’t win when we’re not playing online.  My reflexes are so slow that I may as well have been born a snail.  Plus my head doesn’t work.  *sigh*

We ate out on Christmas Day … expensive, but worth it simply because there’s no washing up that needs doing afterwards.  We had turkey and gammon.  On Boxing Day my MiL cooked lamb.  On Saturday we spent the day at Mumsy’s (with the Naughty Nephews) and had succulent beef. 

I’m happy not to be a vegetarian.  I make no apologies for this. 

Some snapshots …

Mumsy waits patiently for her Christmas din-dins.


Mmmm, flakey chocolates.


A toddler contemplates.


A boy with his Star Wars annual.


An older boy reflects on a wonderful day spent with his fantabulous auntie.


I hope you were all as blessed as me! 

please God, thanks xxx Elsabeth


  1. Oh I am so pleased to know you are unapologetic about NOT being a vegetarian!  The English Woman in you ROCKS – don’t really know what that means……Anywhoo…glad you had a fab Christmas and Boxing Day!We did too

  2. Well, despite the hiccups, I did have a superdooper Chrimbo, and like you, I’m wondering where it went.  I went back to work today, boo.You had lots of lovely pressies… clearly you’ve been a very good girl this year

  3. A…. 70-300mm?????My jealousy knows no bounds :(Seriously though, glad you had a great Christmas! Great photos too.It’s nice to be back :DHappy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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