Hasta la vista, baby.

He left me.

We’re not compatible, he said.  I can’t stand your taste in music, he said.  Those games you play? They’re shite, he said. 

You’re always trying to change me, he mumbled before switching off and giving me that blank look, which did nothing but make me stamp my foot in frustration.  I wish that sometimes you’d just leave me be, give me space, he pleaded.

We all knew that it wasn’t going to work out.  It began with all the oooh’s and aaah’s of any great love affair … I was unable to keep my hands off him, exploring every nook and cranny of his existence, laughing with delight at all the new gadgets he introduced into my life.  But the laughs of pleasure became sighs of annoyance as all his little trivial quirks became ginormous friction inducing headaches. 

By the end not an hour went by where I wasn’t telling him to feck off

Maybe one day he’ll come back to me.  Perhaps one day he’ll thrill me again with his new-fangled gadgets.  When he does come back to me he might actually start to accept that my music is worthy of his time, and that the games I play [although mind-numbingly boring to others] are important to me, and that some of the places I visit shouldn’t be treated with such disdain [fancy dragging me away from them with no apologies]. 

The “Wow” ends now.

[it usually works well in my favour to have a blokey who does computer things for a living because he knows everything and is like a god when it comes to technology.  but vista had him stumped.  every avenue he turned, every little thing he changed, every swear word he uttered, every kick he aimed … none of it worked.  so now i’m stuck with xp again.  grrr … ]

please God bless my damn computer xxx Elsabeth