Retirement is the ugliest word in the language.

My Mumsy celebrated her sixty-fifth birthday yesterday.  It’s odd to think that she can now retire [she’s retiring from full-time work at the end of the month, but hoping to work two days a week still] and spend her days lounging around doing what she wants, when she wants.  Oh, how blissful. 

So, happy birthday for yesterday Mumsy … let’s celebrate with some pictures.


This is her, as a nipper.  All together now … awwww …


A matter of months older than I am now, with me.  Again, all together now … awwww …

professionalwedding 293

At my wedding with my littlest nephew.

Also, The Father turned sixty-five as well, a day earlier.  I forgot to send him a card.  Oh well. 

In honour of Mumsy’s birthday we bought me a new desk chair.  It swivels, so I’m happy.  The most simple things can keep me amused for hours and hours.  As an aside, this obviously makes me a cheap date, and this has its benefits.  Spring popped in to help celebrate sixty-five years upon this earth, which resulted in both myself and Tabatha-Cat finding something to do in the back garden this morning [me weeding and planting new flowers in old pots, Tabatha sunning herself on the decking].  It’s almost barbecue weather … huzzah.

please God bless Mumsy as she begins to enjoy her retirement xxx Elsabeth