An Open Letter

Dear Darling Folk of the USA,

Is it nearly over yet?  Have you almost decided the fate of the rest of the world? 

Oooh, did I tell you?  We once had a young photogenic orator running for President Prime Minister.  That turned out well.  Perhaps you’ll have better luck with yours, if he wins. 

Best of British, eh?  Let’s hope the Best Right Man finds himself successful, for our sake as well as yours.

Lots of love,

Me, in Little Olde England x

A genuinely curious PS: Do you think all the money that was spent on the Presidential Campaign could have been put to better use, perhaps on – oh, I don’t know – something important … ?

[disclaimer: this post endorses no particular candidate; i couldn’t give a flying f.uck who wins, but i am exceedingly happy that the 10 o’clock news is not going to be full of what’s going on in a country thousands of miles away and is quite trivial in comparison to other world events for the next three and a half years … ]