stolen pixie dust

I think that my house is visited at night by evil pixies. 

Not only do they jump on my bed (causing it to shake) but they also steal my belongings.  Seriously.

Just recently they’ve stolen some stamps [presumably they have pixie relatives with whom they correspond], some expensive eye cream [I don’t even use eye cream; I was forced to buy it from Avon because the brochure made me feel bad for being in my thirties and owning no eye cream (what about the wrinkles? gasped the scented pages)] and my adorable blue necklace, which I lovelovelove

A long time ago I mislaid my big chunky silver cross.  As it still hasn’t turned up I can only assume that the evil pixies have stashed it amongst their other stolen objects.  It is probably tarnishing (does silver tarnish? *shrug* idontknow) happily somewhere, along with those odd socks that never made it back into the drawers. 

I think that – very occasionally – the evil pixies realise the error of their ways and try to put things right.  Just last night The Blokey fixed me up with a new keyboard and what did he find?  My sparkly (but cheap) chunky ring.  Bless those pixies for giving it back, even if putting it under the computer desk was the wrong place.  They do try, sometimes. 

But they’re still inherently evil, the pesky buggers.

Tomorrow is T(he)B(aby)B(rother)s birthday.  He is old.  This means that I will soon be older.  Pffft.  Today is Tabatha-Cat’s Official Birthday [she’s like the queen, she is].  She was a poorly pussy last week – presumably not the evil pixies fault – and the cat-doctor made her all better with some magic medicine.  The magic medicine was very expensive.  Yikes.

I wish the hot weather would bugger off … but the blue skies may stay.

please God bless the evil pixies and help them return my things xxx Elsabeth