Hasta la vista, baby.

He left me.

We’re not compatible, he said.  I can’t stand your taste in music, he said.  Those games you play? They’re shite, he said. 

You’re always trying to change me, he mumbled before switching off and giving me that blank look, which did nothing but make me stamp my foot in frustration.  I wish that sometimes you’d just leave me be, give me space, he pleaded.

We all knew that it wasn’t going to work out.  It began with all the oooh’s and aaah’s of any great love affair … I was unable to keep my hands off him, exploring every nook and cranny of his existence, laughing with delight at all the new gadgets he introduced into my life.  But the laughs of pleasure became sighs of annoyance as all his little trivial quirks became ginormous friction inducing headaches. 

By the end not an hour went by where I wasn’t telling him to feck off

Maybe one day he’ll come back to me.  Perhaps one day he’ll thrill me again with his new-fangled gadgets.  When he does come back to me he might actually start to accept that my music is worthy of his time, and that the games I play [although mind-numbingly boring to others] are important to me, and that some of the places I visit shouldn’t be treated with such disdain [fancy dragging me away from them with no apologies]. 

The “Wow” ends now.

[it usually works well in my favour to have a blokey who does computer things for a living because he knows everything and is like a god when it comes to technology.  but vista had him stumped.  every avenue he turned, every little thing he changed, every swear word he uttered, every kick he aimed … none of it worked.  so now i’m stuck with xp again.  grrr … ]

please God bless my damn computer xxx Elsabeth

Randomness is not totally haphazard, as it is consistent in its chaos;

it has negative consistency and so is predictable.

Randomness Part the First.

The Baby Brother has a friend who is now a BAFTA award winner, and who spilt a drink all over Hugo Weaving once too.  He won a BAFTA for his animation Guy 101, which is actually pretty good.  You can view it here.

Randomness Part the Second.

Whilst cavorting around Gip yesterday, in the company of Lady With Bump and her fiance, I managed to make eye contact with no fewer than eight former students.  All of them had aged three years, yet they all looked exactly the same.  It was most bizarre.   

Randomness Part the Third.

Upon arriving home, and once Lost was found, I discovered that my computer can now do all sorts of things that make me laugh.  Yes, apparently Microsoft Vista should have made me ooh and aah, climaxing in a big WOW, but instead it made me laugh for a full five minutes.  Us simple folk find humour in the most ridiculous things.  Of course, whilst installing Vista the Computer Pixies managed to lose my Paint Shop Pro programme [it’s the only image editing software that I can use confidently] and my Yahoo!.  Yahoo! was not a problem [easily downloadable from Yahoo! funnily enough].  However, I shall now have to savagely hunt for my PSP8 CD and ask the Computer Pixies in the nicest possible way if I can reinstall it.  I daren’t actually try and download anything else that may be missing in case the Computer Pixies are angry with me when I make the computer shut itself down again.  When the Computer Pixies get angry with my it makes me sad and I cry.


Randomness Part the Fourth.

Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, think I’ll go and eat worms.  Big fat juicy ones, long thin skinny ones, worms that squiggle and squirm.  Unk! Bite the heads off!  Slurp! Suck the juice up!  Throw the skins away. Nobody knows how much I thrive on worms three times a day …

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*sigh* [again, because I can]

Randomness Part the Fifth.

I have to paint the ‘office’ now.  Garish teenage girl pink will be gone for ever [or at least until we have a daughter and she wants the bigger of the two ‘spare’ rooms, in which case it will probably have to be painted a garish teenage girl pink again] and replaced with cool refreshing pale blue … nice. 

Randomness Part the Sixth, the Bu-bye Part.

please God bless the paint and don’t let it get all over anything except the walls xxx Elsabeth